" Lucy thoroughly enjoyed herself, loved every minute can't wait for the next show "  ( Mrs Mills ) 

" Zara had a wonderful time, really enjoyed being on stage. She is looking forward to the next show " 

( Mrs Hepher )

" Brooke really enjoyed her first show and wanted to do it all over again, so next show here she comes" 

( Mrs Toomey)

" Ellie really enjoyed her first show and can't wait for the next one "  ( Mrs Ditmore )

" Mya had a wonderful time and really enjoyed herself "  ( Mrs Anokye )

" Femi had a fantastic time and the entire family just loved the show, the costumes were very good " 

( Mrs Abulude)

" Charlotte had a wonderful time and was really proud of herself "  ( Wendy Gordon)

" Demi and Melissa loved performing on Saturday and can't wait until the next one"  (Mrs Foley)

" The show was absolutely the best, well done to Anthony, Brandon and Katie-Louise and to the whole school "  (Sam Bixby)

" The show was superb, enjoyed it immensely, well done Hollie"  (Karen Lawrence)

" Well done Ellie, the show was brilliant, well done to everyone " 

( Angie Stanborough )

" The show was great, well done everyone "  (Mary Woolsey)

" Excellent show again, gets better every year "  ( Pat Searle )

" What can I say, great show, great organisation, well done everyone and well done Bethany " 

( Annette Prior)

" Best show to date especially Soul Man. Well done Leah "  (Lynne Blackburn)



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